About Probate Professionals

“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin

Ideally, none of us wish to dwell for too long on either, and while we have no control over the former, we can certainly plan to mitigate the latter.

All commercial decisions have a legal and tax consequence, and professional advice should be sought to ensure that you meet your legal obligations while simultaneously minimising your tax exposure.

Matters related to Probates and estates, gifts and inheritances, generally have a legal and tax consequence. Therefore it is wise to get professionals who can advise adequately on both areas. At Probate Professionals, we have Solicitors, Chartered Tax Advisers and Trust and Estate Practitioners which enable us to provide you with all the professional expertise and experience you require. We can assist in the administration of an Estate, obtaining grants of Probate, resolving deputes, dealing with executor’s legal and tax obligations and helping beneficieries to file their inheritance tax returns with the Revenue Commissioners, together with handling any queries raised by the Probate Office or the Revenue on your behalf.

We are perfectly placed to provide specific tailored advice on all aspects of inheritance law and asset transfers. We can also arrange to enable an individual structure such transfers in a tax efficient manner.

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